Prime Contracting and Trading

Prime Contracting and Trading S.P.C. is a construction subsidiary of Prime Lands specializing in the development and construction of turnkey projects, underlining its formidable asset of delivering awardwinning, upscale residential compounds. Its areas of expertise include planning, design, execution, construction, interior finishing, infrastructure, roads, MEP services, telecom and security systems, irrigation and landscaping.

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Prime Contracting and Trading

Prime Contracting and Trading S.P.C. owns a large fleet of construction equipment. Its most valuable asset remains, nevertheless, its outstanding team of professionals and craftsmen that bring together modern managerial practices, engineering knowledge and avant-garde techniques from all over the world: North America, Europe, Asia, GCC and Qatar. This has allowed the company to deliver a highlydistinguished trademark standard..

Prime Contracting & Trading

S.P.C. is a special purpose company established on November 13, 2006, under the laws of the State of Qatar.

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